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        吳佳琪 2022-06-12 10:31:47





        more and more people take the delight to helping the needy


        Currently in our society, it is quite prevalent for citizens to give a hand to those who are in need of help.Apart from this trend, what encourages people is that people in growing numbers find it delighted to help the needy. The reasons, from my per-spective, can be listed as follows.

        The first motivation behind this trend lies in the growing abili-ty of average people to help others. Unlike those in the early 21st century, people in current society are equipped with knowledge,skills, and even economic strength to provide more assistance to help the needy. What is more, this trend is largely associated with the sense of satisfaction of the public. When offering help on time, those who lend a hand realize their own value and thus part of the meaning of their life, which further strengthens similar behaviors in their daily life. The last factor is about positive energy in the mass media.In China,a country with traditional virtues of helping the disadvantaged, matters of the help among common people are great ingredients for the publicity of both tradition virtues and modern values.

        For me, it is much delighted to see that the public are more likely to lend a hand to others voluntarily.With people's growing ability, the sense of satisfaction, and the spread of good deeds in the mass media, this trend will inevitably become a norm in our society.



        The Zhaozhou Bridge, which was built in the Sui Dynasty around 605 AD, is 50.82 metres long and 9.6 metres wide with a span of 37.37 metres.Li Chun,a genius architect, de-signed and supervised its construction. The bridge boasts a novel structure and a graceful appearance, with a major arch in the middle and two minor ones on its ends which help discharge floods, reduce the weight of the bridge and save stones. Since the completion, the bridge has withstood floods and earthquakes, but remains intact in its main struc-ture and stil available in use. The Zhaozhou Bridge is a pio-neering undertaking in the world history of bridge construc-tion and a masterpiece of the Chinese ancient civilization for the simple reason that its similar bridge did not appear in Europe until the 14th century,700 years later than the Zhaozhou Bridge.



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